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Brooks, Darryl Principal
Capps, Stephanie School Counselor

Banks, Keyuna Math
Brooks, Darryl Principal
Bryant, Jason Agriscience
Bryant, Jennifer Health Science
Bush, Suzanne Special Education
Carter, Anthony Physical Education/Head Basketball Coach
Cullins, Brittany Business Tech
Hare, Jill English/Department Chair
Helms, William Science/Dept. Chair
Jordan, Colby Middle School Math
Knight, Colton Science 7th-8th Grade
Lawrence, Felecia Math
Maddox, Faith English Teacher
Mattox, Julianne Band Teacher
McHugh, Whitney Math- 7th and 8th Grade
Porter, Rheadell Collaboration SPE
Price, Cary Middle School History
Roberson, Valerie Math
Roy, Tiffany Science
Tillis, Chalice Media Specialist
Truitt, Ayada Cosmetology
Truitt, Kimberly Collaboration SPE/Varsity Cheer Coach
Tyra, Robin Physical Education / Head Football Coach
Vickers, Joseph History
Vitito, Rajeana Middle School Collaboration SPE
Whitehurst, Corey English 7th-8th Grade
Wilfork, Tiffany History

Albritton, Dawn Bookkeeper
Balkan, Tanyanika Special Ed. Aide
Brown, Blessie CNP Manager
Burch, Jessica Custodian
Childs, Kathy CNP
Clements, Jeanette CNP
Durr, Lorine Secretary
Green, Cathy Access Learning
Hardy, Amanda Career Coach
Kelley, Stephanie Instructional Aide
Peterson, Jan School Nurse
Woodley, Carolyn Custodian